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Bring Me The Horizon - i don't know what to say (Official Lyric Video) -

Bring Me The Horizon - i don't know what to say (Official Lyric Video) por BMTHOfficialVEVO   3 mess atrás

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I’ll see you at the gates when it gets dark
You jump the wall I’ll find a place to park
Kill the angels if there keeping guard
How do I start
When you don’t know what to say
You said the world’s already full enough
Of defeated people and you would not be one
Always a choice to move yourself along
And find better
And I hope that’s where you are
Yeah know that’s where you are
A doppelgänger with a telling scar,
I saw the universe hidden in your heart
Wish I told you this before it got too dark
Where do you start
When you know it has to end
How a flower in the rain
Only grows more when its grey
You just shined on brighter
Making gold out of the pain
“I can die but I can’t break” you said
“You can rule I won’t obey”
As long as I’m still smiling
Well I don’t know what to say

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